polaroid of me

Hey there! My name is Lauren!

I'm a recent graduate from The New England Institute of Art with a Bachelors degree in Web Design & Interactive Media. Right now my work revolves around Information Architecture but I have experience in all aspects of the web. Anything from Graphic Design to Web Development.

Currently I am contracting full time with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts working as an Information Architect in their Interactive Marketing Department. In the past I've worked with companies like Isobar, Sapient, and EINK. Contracting has been great for me because it has given me a chance to see how different companies work and learn from my supervisors. Eventually, I'd love to find a more permanent home in the workplace.

In my spare time you can catch me cheering on my favorite sports teams (New England Patriots, Boston Bruins, and the Pittsburgh Penguins).

Somewhere in my future (who knows when) I would love to work for one of these organizations. Actually, I'm not picky. It could be anyone. Anyone who knows me knows my life revolves around the Football and Hockey schedule. Good luck to anyone who needs my attention on a game night! My love for sports is undeniable.